A leading FEA based simulation solution for metal forming, welding, joining, and metal-based additive manufacturing. Simufact helps in optimizing the manufacturing processes, and reduce costs and time-to-time market by its ability to simulate entire manufacturing process chain starting from blanking, punching, trimming, shearing of wires, or billets, to multistage forming and heat treatment followed by joining operations, welding and structural analysis. Choose your individual application in Simufact’s modular process simulation solution portfolio, which includes Simufact welding, additive and forming. To meet the scope of your work simufact can be flexibly scaled and can be supplemented by additional modules for special applications. Simufact solutions can

Simufact Forming

An established software solution for the simulation of forming manufacturing processes that cover all essential areas of forming technology: forging, cold forming, sheet metal forming, all rolling processes, open die forging, and mechanical joining, to name only the most important processes. It provides support in microstructure simulation, calculation of die load, material flow, and prediction of material properties in the course of conventional and inductive heat treatment. It also supports thermo-mechanical joining methods of pressure welding.

Simufact Welding

Simufact Welding is used to model and calculate a wide range of thermal joining processes utilizing the welding structure simulation under consideration of weld sequence and clamping. Processes such as arc welding, laser beam welding, electron beam welding, brazing as well as resistance spot welding can be modeled. A new field of application is the simulation of deposition welding and modeling of the generative manufacturing process Direct Energy Deposition (DED). Besides, Simufact Welding can be used to model the heat treatment, different variants for cooling and unclamping as well as the mechanical load on welded structures. It uses a scalable calculation approach with which the calculation speed and accuracy can be controlled as required.

Simufact Additive

Simufact Additive is a scalable software solution for the simulation of metal-based additive manufacturing processes that focuses on powder bed melting processes. With the macroscopic approach, users obtain simulation results within minutes that predict the tendency of stresses and distortions. Furthermore, thermal or thermo-mechanical calculations can be performed to obtain precise results that consider the temperature distribution during the process. It is a software solution designed to predict and compensate for distortion, residual stress, and temperature distribution throughout the printing, heat treatment, cutting and HIP processes virtually before the part is manufactured by the 3D metal printer in reality. For microstructure calculations, faster performance, additional CAD import interfaces, customization, and access to material databases additional modules are available for all simulation software solutions.


  • Best-in-class result accuracy at highest speed & stability
  • Scalable solutions
  • Cost optimized
  • All relevant manufacturing process stages with full interoperability
  • Simple process-oriented setup of the process
  • Supported by a team of manufacturing experts
  • Developing an efficient forming method in a short span of time without blocking the machine for testing
  • React fast and better and flexible on new demands
  • Controlling temperature and machine force