MSC Patran

A widely used pre/post-processing software for finite element analysis that provides solid modeling, analysis setup, meshing, and post-processing for multiple solvers like MSC Nastran, Marc, Abaqus, LS-DYNA, ANSYS, and Pam-Crash. Used as a standard tool by the world’s prominent manufacturing companies as their standard tool for creation and analysis of simulation models, Patran links design, analysis, and results in the evaluation. The rich set of tools provided by patran streamlines the creation of analysis ready models for linear, thermal, explicit dynamics, non-linear, and other finite element solutions. From geometry cleanup tools that make it easy for engineers to deal with gaps and slivers in CAD to solid modeling tools that enable the creation of models from scratch, patran makes it easy to create FE models. Patran’s comprehensive and industry tested capabilities ensure that your virtual prototyping efforts provide results fast so that you can evaluate product performance against requirements and optimize your designs.


  • Increase productivity of your design and development process
  • Reduce development costs through increased use of simulation technologies
  • Improve productivity and accuracy with multidisciplinary analysis and optimization


  • Use an intuitive graphical interface with direct access of CAD geometry with automatic/interactive feature recognition
  • Access multiple MSC Software and third-party solvers
  • Utilize robust automatic surface and solid mesh generation with advanced surface mesh-on-mesh capability
  • Model connectors and bolts with pre-loads
  • Easily define full 3D general contact scenarios for
  • nonlinear analyses
  • Optimize your designs by setting up
  • MSC Nastran optimization tasks
  • Define supplements to analyze large FE models