MSC Nastran

Multidisciplinary structural analysis

Nastran is the first FEA structural analysis application used by engineers to perform dynamic, static, and thermal analysis across the linear and nonlinear domains, complemented with automated structural optimization and embedded fatigue analysis technologies, all enabled by high-performance computing. it is the most trusted solution in the industry. It is based on the sophisticated numerical methods, the most leading being the Finite Element Method. Nastran’s predictions are the most consistent and accurate in the industry.

MSC Nastran Advantages

Multidisciplinary Structural Analysis:

For a wide variety of engineering problems. Nastran features multiple analysis disciplines, enabling customers with one structural analysis solution. To build up a comprehensive level of engineering analysis capability, multiple software solutions must be acquired, and users must be trained with each new tool.

Structural Assembly Modeling:

One structural member is rarely analyzed independently. Structural systems consist of numerous components and must be analyzed as a whole. MSC Nastran features several methods to join multiple components for system-level structural analysis.

Automated Structural Optimization:

Design optimization is a critical element in product development, but is often very iterative and requires a great deal of manual effort. MSC Nastran includes optimization algorithms that automatically seek optimal configurations in an allowed design space.

High Performance:

Nastran is known across the globe for generating fast and accurate simulation results, this advanced solver efficiently takes advantage of your computing resources, simulates your speed and increases productivity as Nastran finishes large complex simulations faster than leading competitors.