MSC Actran

Improve the acoustic performance of your designs with a complete simulation solution used by leading manufactures across the globe. Actran is a leading acoustic software to solve acoustics, Vibro-acoustics, and aero-acoustics problems. It has helped transportation, aerospace and defense, machinery, and consumer goods industries to meet increasingly stringent noise regulations or to guarantee that new designs are consistent with the trademark sound of the company. Its user-friendly and highly customizable graphic interface ensures a cost-effective and robust integration of numerical acoustic simulation into any industrial process. Actran provides a rich library of material models, a complete element library that includes infinite elements, high-performance solvers to solve large size problems, and a user-friendly GUI that is highly customizable to your needs.

Some applications

  • Powertrain, gearbox and electric engine noise prediction
  • Characterization of engine air intake and exhaust systems acoustic signature
  • Side mirror and climate control aero-vibroacoustic noise analysis
  • Tyre and pass-by noise assessment including acoustic treatment optimization
  • Transfer path analysis and design changes impact comparison
  • Fan noise assessment considering installation effects (structure vibrations, acoustic absorption).
  • Audio equipment integration performance assessment
  • Acoustic treatment and nacelle design optimization for aircraft intake and exhaust noise
  • Airframe aero-acoustic noise prediction and propagation
  • Underwater noise propagation


  • While shortening optimization processes through latest HPC technologies predict, understand and improve product design acoustic performance.
  • Seamless integration of acoustic performance assessment in existing industrial processes thanks to native file format drivers and flexible API.
  • Increased productivity and robustness of acoustic analysis thanks to a customizable.