Tech Curve offers 360 degree technological solutions. Using advanced tools and technology, we develop web and mobile applications with digital marketing integration.


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Who We Are

Tech Curve AI & Innovations Co., Ltd is a software solutions and Business solutions company based in Bangkok (Thailand) providing Customized Software Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Online Marketing and IT solutions. We have earned the pride of being one of the leading desktop & web based software solution provider in Bangkok, we develop software solution that helps our customers to outperform the competition and stay ahead in today’s competitive business environment. We firmly believe that business needs can be only met when technology is in sync with business process. At Tech Curve AI & Innovations, we provide multi-dimensional software solutions that caters to high-end internet strategy, software development and design solutions for corporate clients all across the globe. We have a wide and varied range of products & services that can suit the divergent needs of our large client base.

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Team Work

We are a team of highly skilled Software Engineers, web developers, App developers, Digital Marketers, SEO developers and CFD Application Engineers.

Our dedicated team provides you solutions that make achieving business objectives easier and in a much efficient way. We provide the highest standard of products to our client base belonging to all verticals. We outsource IT services to different industries across the globe which includes Complex Software Solutions, web application & Other IT services.

Our team members are young and trained. We listen and provide services to our clients that are tailor made for their business. We have sustainable base of clients who trust us for our quality service in the field of Software & Application development.


Engineering Software Solution

MSC Software & MixIT S

CFD Software Solution

  • Steady state and transient
  • Moving/ rotating parts
  • Radiation
  • Fluid structure interactions
  • Multiphase flow
  • Aerodynamic noise analysis
  • Functions for turbomachinery
  • Pressure loss modeling
  • Solidification/ melting

Additive Manufacturing

  • Metal AM
  • Polymer & Composite AM
  • Material Lifecycle Management
  • increase robustness/reliability
  • Improve performance by optimizing design and printing parameters
  • Identify the best build orientation
  • Identify manufacturing issues such as cracks, layer offsets, recoater contact


  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites
  • Composite ply lay-up design
  • Cohesive zone modeling
  • Curing and shrinkage
  • Damage tolerance
  • Macro/Micro-mechanical analysis
  • Nonlinear behavior
  • Particle reinforced materials
  • Virtual crack closure technique

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tech Curve AI & Innovations?

Tech is fastest growing tech company in south east Asia. With a team of developers, digital marketers, data scientist and machine learning engineers, we are ready to grow our customers business.

Where is Tech Curve based?

Tech Curve AI & Innovations is based in Bangkok.

Who can work at Tech Curve AI & Innovations?

Web Developer, Full Stack Developers, Web Designers, App Developers, Data Scientist, Cloud Engineers, Digital Marketers, Social Media Marketers, and computer engineers can work in Tech Curve AI & Innovations.

How can I get job in Tech Curve AI & Innovations?

Getting Job in Tech Curve AI & Innovations is very easy and simple. Just send us your resume and will contact you for interview with in one week.


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MSC Software Partnered up with Tech Curve AI & Innovations Co., Ltd Thailand One of the Thailand’s leading company in Software solution (Tech Curve AI & Innovations) has partnered up with MSC Software, helps companies improve quality, save time and reduce costs associated with design and test of manufactured products. MSC Software Corporation is part of […]

Integration & Automation

Integration & Automation Seminar in Bangkok Tech Curve AI & Innovations has organized a seminar on Industry 4.0 Integration & Automation. The event was held on 13th of November, 2019. One of the Co-Founder of the company Mr. Naman Narayan presented insights on IT solution and Software development using code free platforms (Magic XPA). Another […]

What is web development?

  Before starting answering the questions. First, we have to understand word “web“. In the filed of web development word web means complex network of servers across the globe. It is also know as W3 or World Wide Web. According to Tech Curve experts, web development is a process of developing website. In other words, […]

Who are we?

Tech Curve AI & Innovations Co., ltd is a fastest growing tech company in South-East Asia. We are the first tech company who has combined data science with digital marketing to maximize business success in the digital age. We use the power of data, integrated solutions and industry insight to generate optimized return on investment […]

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