CLOUD CRM Solutions

Automate Your Business With
A Modern Cloud CRM System

  • Rich Integration Ecosystem
  • Customize according to your needs
  • Flexible for all Users
  • Maximize sales growth
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Sales Process Automation

Now automate and streamline various sales functionalities to standardize business processes. With Tech Curve CRM Solutions reduce human error, make sales cycle shorter, and improve lead to customer conversion ratio.

Relationship Intelligence

Advance CRM Software help you to engage more and reap maximum sales benefits through comprehensive relationship insights.

Reporting Simplified

Remain conversant with the significant business information from up-to-date reports. Get comprehensive visual reporting for smarter, informed decisions. Customize default reports, understand your sales results and grow your revenue.

Privacy and Security

Get full transparency on how your business data is being used. Oversee user access, account activity, and get proactive guidance on how best to protect your business data. Get security risk alerts and tips on how to fix them based on your user access and permissions settings.

Seamless Integrations

It automates tasks that one has to perform in external software tools. It decreases the time of the sales team turning your sales communication platform into a central hub for customer support, accounting and more.


Standard Plan

Per User

  • Lead Generation
  • Accounts Management
  • Contacts Tracking & Management
  • Opportunties Tracking
  • Opportunity Management

Unlimited Plan

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  • Lead Generation
  • Accounts Tracking
  • Contacts Tracking
  • Opportunties Tracking
  • Email Marketing
  • Newsletter
  • Target Management
  • Report
  • Meetings
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Document Management
  • Quotation Creation

Experience the Techcurve Advance Cloud CRM platform for yourself


Maximize Sales Growth

  • Single page access to everything you need to know on the account
  • Customer intelligence on every screen, for every user
  • Integrations with social media and external enrichment streams

Increase Individual Productivity with CRM

  • Integrated quota analytics based on forecasting ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Analytics based on neglected, aging, and most active deals
  • Activity analytics show what’s trending and requires follow up
  • Social integration flags account activity

Leverage a Single System

  • Integrated with quota and pipeline intelligence
  • Automatic forecasting based on deal tagging
  • Inline editing, rapid access, and no UI latency
  • Pulls back information based on data entered

Supercharge Your Sales and Service

Open platform Cloud CRM providing unmatched flexibility and adaptability to business needs, and ease of integration with other applications

  • Email Integration
  • Calendar Integration
  • Social Media Integration
  • Call Center/Customer Support Integration
  • Marketing Automation Integration
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